Count words using the Word Count Tool

Whenever you need to write an article with a fixed amount of words, or just need to know the length of a block of text, you can use our word counter to check this. Just paste your text into the textbox below, and you are ready to count the words. Recently we added a feature to count the characters at the same time.

If you are only intersted in counting character the you can use the character count tool.

Count words using MS Word

If you use the Microsoft Office Word software, you can check the word count even easier. Just check the status bar at the bottom-right of the screen, and you can see it there. As you type, the word-count is directly updated.

Also you can check just a selection of the text. Just select the section you need to count with your mouse. Know the status bar will show something like this: "88 / 400". This means the total document contains 400 words, and the selection just 88.